Review of Mobile-Friendly Keyboards

First, we’ve reviewed mobile-friendly wireless keyboards that are portable and well built, and sometimes funky but always functional. Furthermore, you’ll find keyboards with power banks, and those that fold away and fit neatly into your pocket. Some are universal, while others are engineered for iOS, Android, Windows and/or Mac.

Here’s a selection of seven mobile-friendly keyboards available in South Africa.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboards

Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard is compact and portable. It’s compatible with Windows, Android and iOS, and has a neat little stand and slide-in channel to house your device.

There’s Bluetooth connectivity, and a Micro USB cable to charge. If you aren’t bothered by the plastic body architecture and slightly smaller keys, this little keyboard is light, inexpensive and easy to pair with your tablet or smartphone.

Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboards

The Logitech K780 is a standard-sized keyboard that supports multiple devices and all major operating systems. It features a clean design and rounded keys, and there’s a stand to accommodate your tablet or phone.

You can connect to your device via Bluetooth, and there’s a USB receiver to wirelessly link the keyboard to your PC. The K780 is versatile, solidly built and available at the lower end of the price range.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboards

So, if you’re looking for a neat and compact keyboard you can fold and stow away in your handbag or pocket, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard fits the bill. It’s wafer-thin and sufficiently waterproof to deal with accidental spills.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices, supports Bluetooth and is powered by a rechargeable battery. Typing is easy with a full-size key set.

One drawback is that the keyboard is currently imported from the United States and manufacturer warranties and guarantees are not valid in South Africa.

Microsoft Surface Wireless Keyboards

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a mid-priced keyboard that’s easily identifiable by its modern, minimalistic design. It has a squared-off, full size and utilitarian shell, clad in workmanlike grey.

As a result, the keyboard delivers a seamless typing experience. It has a solid build. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Android devices, and powered by batteries that last for a year. If you’re a Windows 10 user, this Microsoft product is one of the best mobile-friendly keyboard matches.

Apple Magic Wireless Keyboards

Firstly, the Apple Magic Keyboard is the business person’s bling. It has a metallic finish and large dominant keys. Despite its super-shiny appearance, it’s sleek and virtually soundless to use.

Secondly, it’s built for iPad and Mac users, and powered by a rechargeable battery via Lightning port. As a result, you can use your iPad’s charger to keep the keys moving, and documents and spreadsheets flowing.

Targus Versatype with power bank

For starters, the Targus Versatype keyboard is unique in that it provides three distinct services. It’s a conventional keyboard with backlit keys, it has a hard shell case that folds up to protect your device and the power bank can partially recharge an iPad, or keep the keyboard humming for an entire year.

Furthermore, it is built for iPad only, but comes with a comparatively hefty price tag. Tipping the scales at just under a kilogram, the Targus Versatype is not compact or particularly portable, and is best used at home or the office.


Those who love retro will approve of the Qwerkywriter keyboard. It sports raised clickable keys, a line space mover, a faux bail, mechanical switches, vintage keycaps, and a macro return bar. It also supports Bluetooth and has an integrated tablet stand.

Moreover, Qwerkywriter boasts a battery life of three months and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. You will, however, have to pay top dollar for the privilege of using the Qwerkywriter’s cool classical features.

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