Windows 10

If you're operating an older version of Windows, it's worth upgrading to Windows 10.

The previous version of Microsoft's operating system attracted its share of critics. Windows 10, however, is a huge success. It has combined favourite features from earlier versions with a set of innovative new features that really do save time and improve efficiency.

The Windows 8 Metro Start screen has been scrapped in favour of a more familiar Start menu and desktop (although without losing nifty features like Live Tiles) and, like in the past, apps open in desktop windows instead of full-screen views.

Windows 10 new features

New features on Windows 10 are:

  • several security features, including support for multifactor authentication, the Credential Guard – which uses virtualization-based security (VBS) to protect users' credentials, file-level encryption, and extensive anti-malware features (Device Guard, anti-malware capabilities built into Microsoft Edge and a new version of Windows Defender)
  • Microsoft Edge, a new browser that supports faster, easier searching; it also lets users add their own comments and highlighting to web pages, save web content for reading later and view web pages stripped of all the clutter, for easier reading
  • built-in apps , including OneDrive, Skype and improved versions of the Mail and Calendar apps, along with easy access to Office Mobile and Office Online apps
  • the Action Center, which displays your notifications and messages, and provides quick options for tasks like connecting to a VPN or changing screen brightness
  • Cortana, a "personal digital assistant" that responds to simple text or voice commands and learns more about you the more you use it; it can do everything from managing your calendar entries to searching for information, giving you reminders and even telling jokes
  • a Tablet mode, optimised for touchscreen devices.

Windows 10 is designed to ensure complete consistency across different devices, from desktops to mobile phones, and includes integrated options for cloud computing.

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