VoIP Services

VoIP services

In partnership with ICT Globe, PM&A Consulting now offers 3CX Windows Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems for small to medium businesses.

How can 3CX VoIP help your business?

A 3CX phone system is an IP-based private branch exchange (PBX). Instead of using traditional copper phone lines, it's software-based and carries voice communications and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, like the internet.

Unified communications

A 3CX VoIP system is a complete messaging solution. As well as carrying voice calls, it has the following features:

  • integrated softphones for Windows and Mac, and smartphone clients for iPhone and Android
  • plug-in-free web conferencing via users' internet browsers, with advanced collaboration features
  • text messaging, without any need for a third-party messaging system
  • conversion of in-bound faxes and voicemails to e-mails, for automatic forwarding to users' inboxes
  • a built-in "Presence" feature, enabling users to view the status of their colleagues.

Thanks to its integrated softphones and smartphone clients, users can take calls to office extensions on their smartphones – providing optimal support for mobility. They can also control their deskphones using a desktop with CTI mode.

Lowest possible communication costs

Because a 3CX VoIP system uses IP instead of traditional phone lines (much like Skype), it significantly reduces the cost of calls.

There's no per extension licensing. 3CX pricing is based on simultaneous calls instead of on the number of extensions, making the cost of purchasing and expanding a PBX very affordable.

A 3CX system also eliminates the need for a costly web conferencing system and for third-party fax and messaging server software.

Easy installation and management

You can virtualise a 3CX VoIP system or install it on an existing (non-dedicated) server – making it unnecessary to invest in new hardware.

The setup process takes minutes, and a web-based management console ensures simple, centralised configuration and administration of the system.

Compatibility with existing infrastructure and devices

3CX VoIP is fully compatible with existing infrastructure and devices. It works with popular IP phones, SIP trunks and gateways so there's no need to invest in new hardware.

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