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Vitria Glass Products

Vitria Glassware supplies imported glassware and manufactures hand-cut crystal drinking glasses. They also specialise in decorative glassware for promotional purposes.

“PM&A has been our IT specialists since 2015. They have provided us with fast and efficient service. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Cecily Smith

Director, Vitria Glass Products


Hilton Smith, CEO of Vitria Glassware, was frustrated with the lack of support from their VoIP telephony supplier. They had two service providers, one firm supplied their ICT support and maintenance, while the other handled VoIP. This was not an ideal situation and they were often unsure who to call first when there was an issue. As a result, this began to impact their business.


Smith approached us for assistance. We agreed to take over the ICT and 3CX VoIP support and maintenance and arranged meetings with the outgoing firms to ensure an orderly takeover.  


Five years later, Vitria is still a client. In addition to handling their ICT and 3CX VoIP services, we have helped improve their cybersecurity by installing Sophos Security products, which we continually monitor.