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Connect your business with an optimised network solution

Communicate and connect securely and reliably

Networking with stability and performance in mind

Let us assess and deliver exactly what you need.

Network performance affects everything in your day-to-day business – from how data is stored, retrieved and shared to connectivity, communication and mobility. 

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Network services allow your users to communicate effectively, as well as share data easily and securely.


Setting up your network correctly upfront prevents any unauthorised entry to your files and data.


An optimised network solution will give you the up-time and availability that your business and users need to stay productive.


The right solution

Our experienced team will recommend and set-up a cost effective and secure solution that is suited to your business.

Room to grow

The number of users grows directly with your business – we’ll check in regularly and make sure your network is sufficiently equipped to handle your future requirements.

Managing upgrades

Let us monitor and manage any upgrades that are required for your network, so you can have the latest and most secure components in place.


As your business grows, you may find that your network is not performing as effectively and efficiently as it should.


We understand that communication and information are the two most important elements of the strategic success of a business. We also know that start-ups grow organically, and that at some point the systems in place no longer support that growth, which results in downtime and frustrated end-users and, ultimately, customers.

An appropriately designed small-to-medium business network can address these issues and, most importantly, reduces the risk of cyberattack.

How can we help?

Free initial consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to assess your business needs. Then, we can create, implement and maintain customised security solutions, providing advanced protection for business networks and data.

Stable and secure networks

We can design, install and manage high-performance, stable and secure networks for any small to medium business.


We can help you upgrade your existing networks, working within your budget.


We can help optimise your network performance to reduce down time due to speed issues.

Our achievement

Network services and solutions

We have managed Minde Schapiro & Smith’s entire IT infrastructure for more than 20 years. We recently installed a new server that runs Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to facilitate Mindes’ move to a hybrid work environment with staff members working from home.


Frequently asked questions

With a network solution, your users can connect their PCs/MACs, smartphones, printers and any other devices that have network capabilities, to a central wireless device.

Access to a network can be strictly controlled through network software – new users can be added permanently or for limited periods of time and users who should no longer have access have their access immediately removed.

We can set-up appropriate access per user or create user roles which can apply to multiple users. Access rights can cover anything from usage of printers, scanners and other devices, through to view, edit or delete permissions on files and data.

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