IT Services in Cape Town

At PM&A, we specialise in providing no-nonsense IT solutions and services to small to medium enterprises in Cape Town.

We offer the following services:

  • computer support, with proactive maintenance plans that prevent downtime
  • server installation, maintenance and support, for Exchange Server, Windows Server and file servers
  • IT consulting at competitive rates
  • reliable, high-speed internet solutions, along with cloud computing and superior information sharing
  • backup and security solutions.

Why use our Cape Town IT services?

PM&A has over two decades of experience in meeting the IT needs of Cape Town businesses. We're proud that many of our earliest clients (including the Cape Bar Council) are still with us – we value long-standing relationships and trust.

Our technical and support staff have expertise in a wide range of IT fields, from computer and server maintenance to network configuration and corporate security.

As well as expertise, we offer value for money. Clients who trust us to take care of all their IT needs have peace of mind, with a small monthly budget for IT expenses that stays constant no matter what happens.

Clients who use our on-going support services are never billed for labour additional to the monthly fee, even if it becomes necessary to replace their systems. Also, our proactive maintenance schedules help ensure that nothing goes wrong in the first place, preventing downtime and keeping systems in good running order.

We believe in listening carefully to all our clients and tailoring IT solutions to meet their needs in ways that are sensible and cost-effective, while also leveraging the most recent technological advances.

Contact us for more information about our IT services in Cape Town and we'll be happy to assist.