Security Software

Security Software

At PM&A, we offer small to medium businesses in Cape Town a full range of security software, as well as expert advice on which security measures best suit your needs and budget.

Today’s threat landscape is complex and sophisticated, and everyone needs to be on their guard. The threats are serious and targeted – and no organisation is too small or should consider itself too insignificant to be singled out.

Why SMEs are vulnerable to attack

Small to medium businesses are vulnerable to attack for various reasons:

  • lack of realisation that they are targets
  • flat networks offering little segmentation
  • poor inventories of IT resources and critical data
  • missing patches and poor patch management in general
  • inadequate funding and/or competition for budget
  • understaffing of IT security (and IT in general)
  • lack of specialised staff or security training to operate complex tools.

Security solutions for SMEs

Preventive security technologies such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and anti-malware controls are vital. They provide protection against known threats for which countermeasures have been developed.

Given the volume of threats organisations face and the ever growing number and variety of threat vectors, such as the proliferation of mobile devices connecting to networks, SMEs will also be forced to apply new countermeasures if they're to safeguard their systems.

At PM&A Consulting, we support cutting edge security solutions like Sophos synchronised security, a revolutionary approach that succeeds in synchronising endpoint and network security systems, and that uses a Security Heartbeat feature to ensure that all the elements in a security system communicate with one another.

As well as supporting this next generation of security software, we continue supporting highly rated products like Bitdefender.

Our focus is always on the ideal combination of affordability with optimal security. Small to medium companies might not have the funds to staff large, in-house IT departments – but with expert software solutions and technical support from PM&A, you can afford the best security that modern technology has to offer for your business data and infrastructure.

Contact us for security software solutions or professional advice on your business data and network security needs in Cape Town.