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The reality is that no technology is foolproof and when it fails, your business will inevitably suffer. That’s why it’s important to partner with an IT company that has the ability to address issues quickly and get your teams up and running again with minimal disruption. 

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What we offer

  • RangerMSP
    We use RangerMSP Professional Services Automation software to accurately manage our service tickets, optimise our technicians’ schedules and respond to customer inquiries faster.  
    To open a ticket, simply phone our office or email us ( Once we receive your request, we’ll assign a technician to help resolve your query as soon as possible. We also offer our clients the option to phone or WhatsApp their assigned technician directly. In that case, the technician opens the ticket on your behalf so it can be tracked and responded to timeously.
  • Complete support and maintenance 
    We provide all SMEs with complete support and maintenance packages at an affordable fixed monthly fee. After an initial meeting and site inspection, we’ll send you a quotation. We may also recommend replacing or upgrading components that may be risky or inadequate prior to commencement of the support agreement.
    Once the service level agreement is in place and signed, our technical team will put together a proactive maintenance schedule. We take full responsibility for the management, maintenance and support of all your systems and won’t charge you more than the agreed monthly fee, irrespective of circumstances. You can rest assured that your budget will not fluctuate, unless you need any hardware replaced or upgraded. 

Our comprehensive IT support service includes: 

  1. IT support
    We provide IT support from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  2. Remote support
    We use TeamViewer to support our clients remotely. A typical SME would need two to four hours of telephonic and remote support per month.
  3. On-site support
    On-site support
  4. We determine the number of hours of on-site support that clients are likely to need based on criteria like size and the state of their hardware. If we exceed that estimate for any reason, however, there is no extra charge.
  5. Weekly checks
    We perform weekly checks of backups and take any action that may be necessary to rectify any issues.
  6. MS Windows maintenance
    Quarterly maintenance of MS Windows operating systems keeps clients’ workstations in good working order.

Our response time is guaranteed
We guarantee a response time of less than two hours for critical problems, such as server failure or similar issues that seriously affect productivity. Remote access tools normally give us access to our clients’ server(s) within minutes, so most issues will be resolved quickly and without a visit to your premises.

Get in touch

Yes, by using RangerMSP, you will receive automatic email alerts when you open a new ticket and when we close a ticket. 

We offer IT support from 8am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. 

We offer after-hours emergency support to existing PM&A maintenance clients. Emergency support can be obtained by emailing The technician assigned to you, as well as our technical director, will receive the support request and respond accordingly.

We concentrate on firms in Cape Town and surrounds, but we do support remote branches of our Cape Town-based clients. 

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