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Minde Schapiro & Smith Inc

Minde Schapiro & Smith Inc. (Mindes) are a well-established and respected law firm in the Tygerberg area of Cape Town with a branch office in Port Elizabeth. They specialise in conveyancing and property law, litigation, administrative, commercial and family law, wills and estates, and corporate recoveries.

“PM&A has kept our firm’s computer systems up and running efficiently since 2001. Their services have been invaluable and we have no hesitation in recommending them for their expertise, honesty and integrity.”

Heinrich Crous

Director at Minde Schapiro & Smith Inc.


As a legal firm, cybersecurity is crucial for keeping their clients’ personal information secure. Mindes needed an IT company that could service all their IT and cybersecurity needs.


We equipped them with a next generation firewall with one of the world’s leading Unified Threat Management systems to provide layered protection with multiple layers of proactive and detective security. Powerful Deep Learning and Intrusion Protection stop unknown threats and keep their organisation secure 24/7. We advised them to use the world’s number one rated endpoint protection, which keeps their computers and laptops secure even when working remotely.


We have managed Mindes’ entire IT infrastructure for almost 20 years. We are currently preparing to install a new server running Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to facilitate Mindes’ move to a hybrid work environment with staff members working from home. Remote desktop services enable businesses to store their company data and desktops in the cloud or locally on the premises.

The result? Employees and managers can access desktops from any device, while remote services allow staff to enjoy workplace mobility, which maximises productivity and company efficiency.