IT Security

IT Security Company

Small to medium businesses are vulnerable to the same, sophisticated security threats as large corporations – but they may lack the resources for expensive security infrastructure and large, in-house IT departments.

Based on clients' needs and in keeping with the latest IT standards and technologies, we create, implement and maintain security solutions that:

  • provide advanced protection for business networks and data
  • are customised to meet specific needs
  • are affordable and easy to maintain.

Free assessment

Our Microsoft-certified ICT consultants offer a free initial assessment of your business's security needs and existing security measures.

This enables us to identify and report areas for improvement, any deficiencies or issues that warrant immediate attention and the level and scope of on-going monitoring and maintenance that may be required.

Affordable, monthly packages

With one of our fixed-price network maintenance packages, you'll be

  • covered for any eventuality
    You'll be charged the same, reasonable fee no matter what happens – even if we need to put in hours of extra work to address a security threat or incident, reconfigure your system, recover data or resolve other issues. So your business will be fully insured against unexpected IT costs.
  • protected through proactive maintenance
    We make sure we don't have to spend time attending to a disaster that could have been avoided. Reliable security monitoring, updating of security software, server maintenance and backups keep your network running smoothly and protect your valuable business data.
  • assured of fast response times and efficient service
    Our monthly service clients get priority over ad hoc clients. If your business needs urgent assistance for any reason, we guarantee a response time of less than two hours.

Expert service at competitive hourly rates

We offer expert IT security consulting at a competitive rate of R575 per hour, or R700 per hour for server-related work or configuration of firewall or unified threat management (UTM) appliances. Both prices are exclusive of VAT.

Why choose PM&A Consulting?

At PM&A Consulting, we have over 15 years of experience in meeting the IT needs of Cape Town businesses.

Instead of jargon or "hype", we provide a straightforward, ethical approach to helping our clients protect their networks and data, and get the most from their IT systems, without unnecessary spending.

Contact us for more information or advice about your IT security needs, and we'll be pleased to assist.