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There’s no time to lose in the busy world of retail, whether you have a physical store or online presence. With a well designed cyber security solution, you can have peace of mind that your store stays open and your customer, sales and product information is safe.

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Industry overview

No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security and IT services are essential. When it comes to the retail industry, however, it’s critical that your clients’ personal information and data is secure at all times.


Regardless of what retail sector you work within, you’re probably using more than just a cellphone to run your business. Food and beverage retailers, for example, use point-of-service devices connected to smartphones and tablets. While retail stores often monitor their inventory using mobile applications. 

As a retailer today, you’re gathering quality consumer information faster than ever before due to the advances in technology. But where are you storing your customer information? What are you doing with the data you collect? Is this data secure? It’s important that you are able to secure the data you collect and store it safely. It’s vital that you have a secure network to conduct your business. 


At PM&A we offer the full package from cyber security and IT services to backups and Office 365. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our primary aim is to help you save time and money, without needing to employ your own IT team to manage your networks and keep data secure. 

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Keeping data, devices and software safe

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Secure data

In retail, you can’t afford to compromise customer information. Let us set-up and keep your cyber security solution up-to-date so that customer records are kept safe and secure.

Sales and products

Secure data storage is critical to your sales transactional history and product information. Let us help you set-up a solution where your team has the access they need while threats are kept outside.

Systems and devices

You may have a number of users and devices in your sales POS system setup. Ensure that each part of the chain is secured with the latest available security solution and they are kept up-to-date.

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Next-generation security to keep all data and devices secure.

On-going support

Network support and maintenance service when you need it.

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