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In manufacturing and production, there’s no time to lose. With a number of users on site and multiple devices in play, you need a solid cyber security solution that you can trust.

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Industry overview

No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security and IT services are essential. Cyber security is often viewed as only necessary in the consumer-driven parts of business, such as logins to websites. However, cyber security has become a critical component of effective management in the manufacturing industry.


Nearly any process in manufacturing is vulnerable to a breach of security, especially when you consider the level of connectedness in modern manufacturing settings. Many security breaches start in IT networks and hackers are then able to move through any devices that are connected.  

It’s more than likely that much of your hardware and systems in place are automated. Although this keeps your production process running smoothly, it also makes you an easy target for cyber attacks when you don’t have the correct security measures in place. 


At PM&A we offer the full package from cyber security and IT services to backups and Office 365. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our primary aim is to help you  save time and money, without needing to employ your own IT team to manage your networks and keep data secure. 

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“PM&A has been our IT specialists since 2015. They have provided us with fast and efficient service. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Cecily Smith
Director, Vitria Glass Products
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Minimise down-time

A cyberattack can have time consuming and potentially disastrous consequences depending on the extent of the attack. It could cause automation and production to come to a grinding halt while technicians salvage data and IT processes that your business is dependent on.

Protect sensitive information

You may be holding sensitive information in your manufacturing process that you cannot afford to have leaked. Let us manage your data storage and security so that any valuable data is safe and secure.


Ensure your staff don’t experience any cyber security issues which can keep them from doing their jobs. Let us manage installations and updates so that your team can do what they do best.

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