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With the finances of your customers at risk, financial institutions have to do everything in their power to protect against device hacks and data breaches.

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Industry overview

No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security and IT services are essential. When it comes to finance and banking, however, it’s critical that your clients’ personal information and data is secure at all times.


Within the financial sector, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. If your network is breached by an external threat, you could be exposed to fraud identity theft and bank account takeovers. Without the proper security in place, cyber criminals can empty funds from a bank account within a matter of minutes.


At PM&A we offer the full package from cyber security and IT services to backups and Office 365. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our primary aim is to help you  save time and money, without needing to employ your own IT team to manage your networks and keep data secure.

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“We can rely on PM&A to give us the best alternatives to our computer and communication systems that are in place. Their support turn-around time is that same day, even the same hour. We have never had a case of anything going unattended.”

Arno Erasmus
Director, ASA Accountants Inc.
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With a globally recognised cyber security solution, you can protect the financial data and records of your customers against hacking attempts in the form of malare, ransomware, spyware to name but a few.

Secure data storage

Let us assist you in choosing the best data storage option for your records and then implement a security solution that will keep the data secure.

Stay up-to-date

Keeping your cyber security solution up-to-date is crucial. Let us manage all updates and make sure there’s no room for outdated software.

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