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The educational sector presents a unique level of risk with the number of learners, students and staff at any particular institution. Added to this the number of devices available and you have an environment with multiple potential entry points for hackers. Your cyber security solution needs to be on point.

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Industry overview

No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security and IT services are essential. When it comes to education, however, you have to make sure your students’ personal information and data is secure at all times. 


Schools, colleges and universities store a significant amount of sensitive data – from research and exam papers to personal student information. As technology continues to play an important role in the education sector, it’s becoming increasingly important to secure all data that passes through both classrooms and offices. 


At PM&A we offer the full package from cyber security and IT services to backups and Office 365. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our primary aim is to help you  save time and money, without needing to employ your own IT team to manage your networks and keep data secure.

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Outside threats

Sensitive information regarding students and staff presents a number of opportunities for hackers to exploit. Let us set-up and deploy a cyber security solution to minimise the threat.

Filtering on site

Well designed rules and filters can block any potentially harmful images and data that your younger learners may be exposed to while on your networks on your premises.

Historical data

The nature of education means that you will be storing records spanning over long periods of time. Protect historical data by using the best available data storage with the best available cyber security software.

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