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Cyber security is essential to your business

Cyber security is an essential part of your risk strategy

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In today’s world, where we are connected 24/7 with multiple devices, the threat of hacking has increased significantly. Your firm has an obligation to protect clients’ sensitive information. Secure all your users and their devices so you can have peace of mind.

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Industry overview

No matter what industry you’re in, cyber security and IT services are essential for running your business. Law firms, however, are often targeted by hackers because they store valuable digital assets. 


Hackers are often motivated by financial reasons and use a range of malware, including ransomware, viruses and worms. 

The success of your business is based on keeping all documents safe. Your clients need to know that their personal information is safe. Any breach of that data could have vast negative consequences. 


At PM&A we offer the full package from cyber security and IT services to backups and Office 365. We tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. Our primary aim is to help you save time and money, without needing to employ your own IT team to manage your networks and keep data secure.

Why cyber security is so important for law firms

Protecting your clients and their information

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Due to the sensitive nature of legal information, your cyber security needs to be able to neutralise any spyware threats where hackers can transmit sensitive information from your users’ devices.


Legal firms are particularly at risk of ransomware attacks where a user’s device can be locked and held at ransom, putting the firm in an incredibly difficult position. Minimise risk with a reliable and up-to-date cyber security solution.


Leave no room for malware infections where your client’s data can be made available to third parties and leveraged against you. A solid cyber security solution will give you and your clients peace of mind.

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