FreeBSD is an open source operating system that is the preferred choice of prominent global companies including Sony, Hotmail and Yahoo.

It is particularly popular for its advanced networking capabilities, polished performance and sophisticated security. The software has the capacity to handle heavy loads and generate excellent response times via its efficient use of memory.

FreeBSD mail servers are low-cost and easy to maintain and enable access to mail from virtually anywhere in the world.

Our FreeBSD package comes with FreeBSD setup and FreeBSD support.

User Benefits of FreeBSD

  • Supports a wide variety of architectures, from Intel to alpha.
  • Enables access to over 24,000 applications for various platforms.
  • Offers advanced networking capabilities.
  • Security features can be fine tuned to meet individual business needs.  
  • Delivers affordable, easy to maintain onsite mail servers enabling remote access of mail globally.

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