Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management PM&A Consulting

Today employees use a wide range of devices, from smartphones to personal laptops and tablets, to get their work done. For businesses, this poses a potential security and management nightmare.

At PM&A Consulting, we can help. We offer a complete Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that makes it simple to manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices alongside Windows 10 PCs, laptops and tablets.

Why EMM?

With our Sophos EMM solution, you can ensure consistent security and compliance with company policies across all users' devices – at a reasonable cost.

So users can work from anywhere, using any devices they choose, without compromising either business data or their personal data.

Mobile device management

With EMM, you can configure employees' mobile devices remotely, using profiles, policies and a range of configuration options.

You can also:

  • remotely install, remove, and manage apps on users' mobile devices
  • manage assets and content on employees' mobile devices, with secure document publishing
  • give users access to a central app store for the enterprise
  • give employees access to a flexible self-service portal – reducing the need for help desk calls
  • manage reporting and compliance of BYOD devices from a central location.

Mobile device security

The Sophos Mobile solution we offer makes it easy to secure all users' mobile devices, with award-winning anti-malware, anti-phishing and web protection technology.

It also makes it easy to control users' access to business resources.

Our EMM solution continuously monitors devices and will notify you if any device is compromised. It includes a Privacy Advisor and makes it possible to whitelist applications – so you can protect systems against potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).

On Android devices, Sophos Mobile Security protects Android devices without draining battery life, and includes a secure QR code scanner and authenticator for one-time passwords.

Keeping business and personal data separate on mobile devices

Our Sophos EMM solution makes it easy to keep employees' personal data separate from business data and resources on mobile devices.

It uses encrypted containers to

  • keep business email completely separate from personal email, on mobile devices
  • keep both business documents and web content separate from personal content.

Businesses can control access to company email and resource containers as required, and even using criteria such as geo-location or time.

Contact us for more information about our enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution or to discuss your needs.