We have more than 20 years of experience

In providing cost-effective IT solutions

Our clients are our number one priority

And we believe in building trusted relationships.

With more than 20 years experience, we value ourselves in our ability to properly understand each client’s individual needs so that we can deliver custom IT services, products and solutions.

Paul Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is the founder and CEO of PM&A Consulting & IT Services. Prior to starting PM&A, Paul established AJS Legal Practice Development in Cape Town and it wasn’t long before AJS was well known and widely used by attorneys in Cape Town and surrounds. When AJS changed hands, Paul negotiated an agency for PM&A to distribute LegalSuite Software for attorneys.  PM&A still provides many of these Attorney firms with IT support and maintenance, and cybersecurity services.

His primary responsibilities include market research to determine the strategic direction and partnerships that will most benefit PM&A and their clients, as well as customer liaison, sales and marketing.  

Paul has a knack for forming trusted relationships that span decades, for example advocates of the Cape Bar Council and attorney firm Minde Schapiro & Smith. Both businesses have been clients for more than 20 years. Integrity and honesty are core values to Paul; these same values are part of the very fabric of PM&A.

Ryno Zeeman

Chief Executive Officer

Ryno has been a part of PM&A Consulting for more than 10 years. He joined the company initially as a Technical Support Manager, but moved into the position of Technical Director in 2020. 

Over the years Ryno has gained valuable experience working as a technical support manager, which makes him a great asset to both PM&A and our clients. Not only is he highly knowledgeable in information security, but he’s also skilled at handling customer service.

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