Consulting Services

IT consulting

Our expert, Microsoft-certified information and communications technology (ICT) consultants can save your business time and money by identifying cost-effective IT solutions that really suit your needs.

Based on careful analysis of your business needs, we can advise your business on:

  • cutting-edge, proactive security solutions that don't cost a fortune
  • enterprise mobile management (EMM), for managing and securing users' mobile devices
  • network design, installation and maintenance
  • unified communication and VoIP systems
  • effective backup systems for ensuring business data is protected
  • the best IT hardware and software systems, given your needs and budget.

We also offer appropriate training and fixed-cost support and maintenance services.

Benefits of our IT consulting services

Using our IT consulting services, you can:

  • reduce labour costs
  • benefit from access to highly skilled and experienced IT technicians
  • increase organisational efficiency and competitiveness
  • benefit from the latest technologies
  • focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Contact us for more information about our Cape Town IT consulting services and we'll be pleased to assist.

We specialise in aligning cost-effective IT solutions with clients' unique business needs and objectives

Our proactive maintenance model prevents downtime and slashes total IT costs

We can implement redundant, high-availability solutions and advanced security systems to ensure that your business has a robust and reliable network at all times

Our technicians are just a call away whenever fast, efficient support is needed.

Information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy

Our Microsoft-certified ICT consultants offer a free initial assessment of your business's security needs and existing security measures.

This enables us to identify and report areas for improvement, any deficiencies or issues that warrant immediate attention and the level and scope of on-going monitoring and maintenance that may be required.