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Bright Star Lighting, Cape Town

Bright Star Lighting is a wholesale company that sells a wide range of lighting solutions.

“When our accounting system hit the wall and we needed a serious amount of support, we realised a monthly support agreement with PM&A was a bargain. We’re incredibly happy that they’re looking after us and providing proactive maintenance to keep everything running like clockwork. We highly recommend them!”

Tyrone Lipman

Director, Bright Star Lighting


After upgrading Pastel to the latest version, Bright Star Lighting’s entire accounting system began to freeze on a regular basis. Pastel’s support couldn’t resolve the issue and it was negatively affecting their business.


We have supplied Bright Star Lighting’s server and ad-hoc support for many years. They asked us to help resolve their Pastel issues, as they had exhausted all other options.


We were able to solve their problem and get their systems back on track and running smoothly without any issues.