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Latest Sophos Intercept X Test Results

Latest Sophos Intercept X Test Results

TheAnother antivirus software test, another fantastic Intercept X result.

Looking for antivirus software? Sophos Intercept X was tested in the Q2 2019 MRG Effitas 360 Degree Assessment & Certification, which compared twelve endpoint protection products. The test focuses on “metrics that matter” in order to replicate real-world scenarios. MRG releases a new version of this test every quarter. This is the first time Sophos has participated publicly.

First, the Sophos Intercept X antivirus software was tested “out of the box” in its default configuration. As a result, it was able to prevent the system from infection in every scenario:

  • It blocked 100% of zero-day, in-the-wild attacks
  • Furthermore, it blocked 100% of malware tested (financial, Trojans, backdoors, ransomware, and other malicious) applications.
  • It blocked 100% of exploits and file-less attacks
  • Moreover, it also blocked 100% of PUAs and adware
  • Zero false positives

No other vendor achieved strong results without requiring configuration changes.

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